A strong wind of catastrophe blew through our kitchen last night when I decided to be “a perfect housewife” and make my own washing up liquid. I checked my cupboards – its ok, I have got everything that I need for cleaning: bicarb, vinegar, citric acid, fresh lemon, natural soap…
Next step – checking what dear internet has to say about eco, DIY washing-up liquids. And it was the main reason of my catastrophe…
It looks that some people on their websites or blogs only “copy” and “paste” DIY ideas without checking them. I decided to follow the recipe which appears on about 10 sites. Main ingredients – water, salt, lemon juice, vinegar. After 10 min. cooking I should get thick (?) liquid ready for cleaning my dishes. Of course it did not work! After 1 hour I was nearly to colapse, I was swearing and sweating, checking again on-line recipe..
To help myself I took a short break and made very easy DIY deodorant /bicarb and coconut oil/.
I was ready to come back to my “washing-up liquid” project. But this time I decided to trust more my intuition, not to be such a perfect housewife and not to believe to the end next on-line recipe. I mixed: hot water /less than 1 l. more than 0,5l./, grated natural soap /half of handful/, 2 spoons of vinegar, 1 spoon of bicarb and lemon juice. And it worked!!!
All our dishes are clean today and deodorant with extra verbena essential oil works very well all day!





We have found that for many people in the modern world it is very difficult to give up their laptops, mobiles or even TV during their holidays. Some feel a need to be constantly connected to a virtual reality. We offer a space for people who would like to unplug from that world and spend their holidays without WiFi, smartphones or Television.

We invite everyone to enjoy tech free holidays to our place.
Why not to come to wild North-East Poland, (the first challenge is to find us without Google or GPS!)  Here you can enjoy beautiful nature, good wholesome food, the simple life, even having bath in the lake under starry skies instead of looking at a plastic screen.

We provide: Basic camping facilities, Healthy vegetarian or vegan food, Bicycle rental to cycle in the national parks and local forests, collecting fruit and herbs in our gardens to make your own teas and jams, canoe trips on some of the most tranquil and beautiful rivers in Europe, or simply having a rest under the Linden tree with your favourite book, and a campfire in the evening.

Leave your gadgets at home and unwind your mind.



May 5th – All around the world people will celebrate International Permaculture Day. You can check on www.permacultureday.org for events near you. This year’s theme is GROW LOCAL.

Clip of Jeremy Wickremer of Transformational Media interviewing Satish Kumar on ‘Growing Local’ for International Permaculture Day 2013.

If you do not have the facility to GROW LOCAL for yourself, you can still shop local, support  your organic and local food growers and suppliers.