After a good harvest of herbs from our garden and the meadows, I made for ourselves and all my friends and family super delicious herbal teas.

My favourite ones are; “Good night sleep” – a mix of lemon balm and linden flowers, and “Sunshine tea” – a mix of raspberry leaf, nettle, mint and calendula petals.

You are very welcome to visit us next Summer to taste our teas or create your own from the wild meadows and our gardens.

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We live in an area where there are many forests full of edible mushrooms and at this time of year even more mushroom hunters. Everyone has their own secret place and they are not going to tell anyone else where it is in the forest.

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Of course we have our secret places as well, which we have visited very often over the last days. Today we calculated our average speed of collecting mushrooms – it is one mushroom/one person/2 minutes! I do not add our dog to this statistic.

After three days of very good hunting we have our kitchen full of mushroom chains drying over the stove, and an amazing smell through all the house. There is enough for polish pierogi and mushroom soup for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy good mushroom hunting in your area as well!

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