‘Eco-campsite’ is our new-born idea. We have just moved to north-east Poland and we would like to share our space with others.

Our eco-campsite will be small, safe and friendly, with space around every tent, simple outside toilets and shower, bonfire place.  We will prefer on-line  pre-booking.  We will be open for reservations of small groups of cyclists, walkers, birdwatchers etc.

We are members of “Camping in my garden”, and “Eat with a local”

Why ECO:

– we use compost toilets instead of chemicals,

– we try to reduce our rubbish to minimum, so if somebody could bring full plastic bottle to our place, for sure they can take it back empty,

– we are vegetarian and we ask our guests to respect this and dont cook meat in our place,

– we ask for quiet time after 22 o’clock, no loud parties etc.

– we use Effective Microorganisms (EM) in our house and garden.

We will ask all our guests to respect our idea of eco-camping.


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