Yes, we dont have a road access to our house yet, but dont worry! We have got 2 pairs of snowshoes from our good Friend and I can not wait for the second snow /first was the end of October…/ and try them on when we will go shopping!

So all Friends, if you plan to come to us from West Europe, you can take European Long-distance Footpath E11,  from Netherlands, via Germany /there you can buy for us a bottle or two of Weissbier/ to Polish-Lithuanian border. The path doesnt have special marks, you will have to use local footpaths and maps.

If you come from South Europe, you can take long-distance cycling route EuroVelo11 from Athens, via Hungary, Slovakia, direction to North Cape. You are lucky, this route is excellent marked in our area so you can not lose your way and we are only 4 km from your path.

If you decide to take long distance train journey, do not miss the last station in Poland before the lithuanian border – Trakiszki. It was built in 1896. Today only one train per day stops there /train from Warsaw to Sestokai and on its way back/. The old wooden building with a carved porch and decorative doors and windows is no more used…