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Everyone knows dandelions and how good they are for our health. Today there are thousands of them flowering on the meadows around our house. Living north, we had to wait a little longer…

Digital StillCamera

After breakfast I took Maya for morning walk and I collected 500 dandelion flowers. Maya of course was very helpful…

I spread them out on  paper, so all the ants and other insects could walk away.

Digital StillCamera

I boiled all flowers 15 min in 1 litre of water with 2 lemons. Later I drained off through a cheesecloth and boiled again 1 hour with 1 kilo of sugar.

Digital StillCamera

In the sunny afternoon we had 4 jars of beautiful dandelion syrup!

Digital StillCamera


    • Just as yours are coming into flower ours are going to seed; I must try this one day, it looks a fantastic golden colour. Gosias mum said that it is often used for coughs as well.

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