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Last Thursday we took our guests /Kenzie – workawayer from USA and Carol from Scotland/ for a canoe trip on the Czarna Hancza river. This is one of the most beautiful canoe routes in Europe and I think the most popular kayak route in Poland. We enjoyed a quiet day before the tourist season, so we did not meet anybody and we could fully enjoy the amazing nature, birdwatching(Marsh Harrier. Herons. Tufted duck and many glimpses of small birds in the reed beds) and of course plenty of silence.Digital StillCamera

Our dog -Maya after two jumps from canoe managed to settle down and I hope she did enjoy as well, especially close meetings with ducks and swans.

The weather was brilliant. We rented canoes from one of the many canoe rental firms and paddled around 20km down the river. It was very pleasant day, with picnic, sunshine and good company!Digital StillCamera



  1. Your site reflects a joyous life. I enjoy it especially because I have many interests in common – vegetarian cooking and knitting. I’m curious to learn a little more about you personally. You are blogging in English, but live in Poland. If you don’t mind, can you share a little of personal history?

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