In the post STORKS, CRANES AND NIGHTINGALES I told you what birds we have seen around our house last Spring and Summer. We live next to the forest /15 min. walk/ and we could see many times deers walking on the field next by. There are wild boars and elks. The small river runs through the forest and this is a protected area for beavers.

In Summer time it is great place for blueberry picking and later for mushrooms.

Augustow Primeval Forest is 10 km from us. It is a large virgin forest complex located  on  the borders of northern Belarus and southeastern Lithuania. The forest covers about 1,600 km², of which 1,140 km² is in Poland. This is great place for outdoor activities like walking and cycling. If you are lucky, you can see there lynx or wolf. The northern part of the Augustów Primeval Forest has been turned into Wigry National Park famous for Wigry lake and Czarna Hancza river – one of the most beautiful canoeing routes in Europe.

Talking about national parks… We are 60 km.  from Biebrza National Park and 150 km from Bialowieza National Park !!!

This is only short info, for sure I will write more about nature around in next posts /category NATURE/. 


2 thoughts on “NATURE AROUND US

  1. Thank you for liking my blog. I am loving the Eco campsite, I shall be following you and hope one day to visit you campsite. Keep up the good work.

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