A strong wind of catastrophe blew through our kitchen last night when I decided to be “a perfect housewife” and make my own washing up liquid. I checked my cupboards – its ok, I have got everything that I need for cleaning: bicarb, vinegar, citric acid, fresh lemon, natural soap…
Next step – checking what dear internet has to say about eco, DIY washing-up liquids. And it was the main reason of my catastrophe…
It looks that some people on their websites or blogs only “copy” and “paste” DIY ideas without checking them. I decided to follow the recipe which appears on about 10 sites. Main ingredients – water, salt, lemon juice, vinegar. After 10 min. cooking I should get thick (?) liquid ready for cleaning my dishes. Of course it did not work! After 1 hour I was nearly to colapse, I was swearing and sweating, checking again on-line recipe..
To help myself I took a short break and made very easy DIY deodorant /bicarb and coconut oil/.
I was ready to come back to my “washing-up liquid” project. But this time I decided to trust more my intuition, not to be such a perfect housewife and not to believe to the end next on-line recipe. I mixed: hot water /less than 1 l. more than 0,5l./, grated natural soap /half of handful/, 2 spoons of vinegar, 1 spoon of bicarb and lemon juice. And it worked!!!
All our dishes are clean today and deodorant with extra verbena essential oil works very well all day!



One thought on ““PERFECT HOUSEWIFE”

  1. It’s the one we don’t make, but will give it a try now…although the dishwasher does most of the work with tablets made from citric acid, bicarb and salt with vinegar as a rinsing agent 🙂

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