A good variety of wild birds is a sign of a healthy environment – so here are four very special visitors we have seen in our little sanctury:

  • Great grey shrike – twice!
  • Red backed shrike – numerous sightings
  • Black redstart – a regular
  • Wryneck – shy – retiring – don’t you believe it! 5.00 am alarm calls!

Photos from Wikipedia

NEW VISITORS – reed bunting and chaffinches

176px-Reed_Bunting_male_and_female       It was very busy day for birds again. It is cold and white, so our feeders are very popular. We could see this morning new visitors – chaffinches and reed bunting.

     It is lovely to see so many species of birds in the garden and more colors on white and black landscape.

   I have updated a page – List of Birds for readers who want to know what birds are in our garden and close by lake.


















photos from Wikipedia