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Our beautiful big linden tree is full of flowers. Linden flowers are used in herbalism for colds, cough, fever, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, headache… Linden flower tea is one of my favorite tisane! So this year I not only dry flowers but I decided as well to make linden blossom syrup, which is made in very similar way to elder flower syrup.

Serving suggestions from

 – Dried linden blossoms are available as tea bags to infuse into a calming hot tisane. Try sweetening your linden infusion with linden syrup for a double dose of this plant’s flavor and soothing properties.

 – Add linden blossom syrup to white wine or vodka for an aromatic aperitif.

 – Drizzle linden syrup over fresh fruit (it’s especially good with strawberries), yogurt, or cheesecake.

 – Add a small spoonful of linden flower syrup to heavy cream before whipping it for a delicately flavored dessert topping.

 – Spoon a little linden syrup over a mild goat cheese (chevre).

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Lime /pol. Lipa/ gave name to the month of July – Lipiec and in the Slavic mythology was considered as a holy tree.  For sure this is one of the most beautiful trees, giving a strong fragrance and keeping all the bees very happy!

A particular Greek myth speaks of a time when the gods, Zeus and Hermes, decided to pay a visit to the land of mortals to see if they were behaving themselves. In disguise, they knocked on many doors and found that no one would give them shelter, eventually, they came to the house of Philemon and Baucis who welcomed them. To reward them of their generosity, Zeus granted them their wish to remain together forever after they died and transformed Philemon into an Oak tree and Baucis into a tilia (lime tree) so they could be side by side. It is common to find that oak trees and limes grow close to each other.

In folklore medicine, because of its heart-shaped leaves the Lime tree (tilleul) was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love, and was said to cure all diseases classified under the goddess.

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