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I did not post anything for long time, only because last days are so beautiful and busy. Everything is growing so fast! There is a new workawayer from USA with us and tomorrow my friend from Scotland will join us. We plan to do canoe trip on Czarna Hancza river together and celebrate summer solstice next Sunday with folk dance and music /Feast of St. John/.

In the meantime I managed to make more syrup, this time from elder flowers and beautiful strawberry jam!!!Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

How to make elder flower syrup?

You have to collect around 40 flowers. Boil 1 l. of water with 1kg. of sugar and juice from 1 lemon. Add this hot liquid to the flowers and leave it for 3 days. Then sieve into bottles or jars. Easy!


  1. Looks great and your planned trip sounds fantastic. Will be putting up the elder flower beer recipe in the next hour or so; hope you still have some flowers left to try it 🙂

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