Our first May weekend was quite busy. The weather was amazing and we could enjoy first tulips flowering,  noticing progress in the garden, watching many birds, and of course having wonderful time with our new dog – Maya.

Digital StillCamera

Last days we collected a lot of young nettles so we have already full bags of dried herbs ready for tea. But this time of the year is first of all – the time for sorrel soup, so we collected a bucket of fresh leaves on our meadow, Maya was very helpful, always in the middle of the exact plants I was trying to pick or on my head.

Our dinner was amazing!


How to make sorrel soup?

Cut fresh leaves, boil them in the water with salt and bulion. In a separate cup mix a spoon of flour with water, add an egg yolk and a little  milk, mix everything and add to the soup. Boil a little more. Serve with hard boil egg and mash potatoes!

bocian blogDigital StillCamera  Digital StillCamera

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