One of the most beautiful local attractions is The Biebrza National Park – a paradise for birdwatching. It is only one hour drive from us to the north part of the park. Especially in the beginning of May, the Biebrza National Park is full of tourists coming to watch mating display of Ruffs.
“The Biebrza National Park is located in Northeast Poland, in the Podlaskie Voivodship. The northeastern boundary of the park is near the Belarus border.The Narew River and its confluence with the Biebrza River form the southern boundary. The park was established in 1993, and with a total area of 59 233 ha, it is the largest of the Polish national parks. The Park includes 15 547 ha of forests, 18 182 ha of agricultural land, and 25 494 ha of wetlands – the most valuable habitats of the park – the famous Biebrza marshes. The area of 3 936 ha is under strict protection, including the Czerwone Bagno or Red Bog at the Grzędy Forest District. Unique in Europe for its marshes and peatlands, as well as its highly diversified fauna, especially birds- the Park was designated as a wetland site of global significance and is under the protection of the RAMSAR Convention.”
Elk – king of the the Biebrza National Park

Lovers of good books might not want to miss a great local event during long May weekend – the meeting in the International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda  with my favorite polish writer – Olga Tokarczuk. Her books are wonderful, some translated into English. I hope she will stay for longer in our area, she could find here great characters for her next books.

The International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda.
Museum of Czeslaw Milosz
It looks like good attractions are waiting for our guests  during the long May weekend. Hope the weather will be good and we will carry on with our garden project together. Plus on the 5th of May we will celebrate International Permaculture Day on the theme of 2013- Grow Local. Nothing has grown yet, but the seeds are in!
In few weeks my good friend from Scotland with her greenest fingers is coming. I will give her a chance to try her shoes dancing on polish ceilidh and after that having lovely canoe trip on Czarna Hancza river.
all photos from Wikipedia

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