It is so lovely sitting in the sunshine with a cup of coffee, watching grass growing, storks walking on the field, new neighbors /=tree sparrows/ making love and building their nest.

We have done some work over the last days. Not so much, but we see changes around and good enough to feel it in our bones. We notice a bigger appetite because of the fresh air and outside work. So elevens and fives are obligatory!


Herbs and vegetables in our garden in Italy some years ago

Digital StillCameraAutumn  2012 in Poland

I check my small herb garden every day. Winter supply of dried herbs in the kitchen is nearly finished and I can not wait for fresh ones. I worry a little if all herbs managed to survive this long winter. Rosemary, sage and oregano do not wake up yet. I noticed today the first small leaves on melissa and the chives look very well.


sage                                                              melissa

For sure my chocolate mint will come soon, it is very strong plant, survived with us the long journey from Italy by our camper.


Making pesto from fresh basil in the garden in Italy

/unfortunately not possible in polish climate/

Yesterday I planted camomile and the most important – coriander. For all season I have always fresh leaves for Indian cooking. In summer I collect the seeds and plant them again. I learnt today that roots are great as well, so I will keep some for Thai dishes.



This afternoon I planted fennel, calendula, nasturtium and borage. Planting dill will be a secret project because Kumpel does not like it.

250px-Illustration_Borago_officinalis0 250px-Illustration_Calendula_officinalis0

borage                              calendula

Elder and linden tree will give us many healthy gifts. This year I will try to use elder tree flowers not only for pancakes, but for liqueurs. For sure we will make more raspberry and walnut liqueurs – it was not enough for last long winter. Slow gin was so good that it did not last to Christmas…



I do not know how it happened, I was planning to write about herbs and finished about home-made liqueur. Anyway – both keep us healthy and happy! “Na zdrowie!” as we say in Poland.



    • Maybe you already know traditional polish recipe for bimber, its called Battle of Grunwald which took place in 1410. So if you can learn a little of polish history, you will easy remember – 1kg of sugar + 4 litres water + 10 grams yeast = 1410.

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