I cannot stop thinking about Spring, starting work in the garden, changing snowshoeing for cycling and of course having guests and workawayers.

Many of them come here because they enjoy beautiful nature and the great outdoors, like cycling, birdwatching or walking. One of the most popular activities here is canoeing and kayaking. Paddling on Czarna Hancza, Marycha, and Rospuda rivers or arranged kayak trips in Lithuania – wonderful ideas for holidays!

Czarna Hancza is one of the most beautiful canoeing routes in Poland. The best place to start your adventure is Wigierski National Park. We can easily help you to find a place for renting canoe/kayak, arrange transport and veggie sandwich! Do not forget your camera, the european beaver is the living symbol of Wigierski National Park! We recommend taking brakes from paddling and having good look around small villages, some of them founded by the Old Believers. Take time for tasting local food, learn about local music, crafts and wooden architecture.You may find yourself kayaking on the first summit level canal in central Europe, built in 19th centuary – Augustowski Canal.

We encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, without leaving traces of their visits, respect wildlife, support small local busineses and useing as much as possible public transport, bikes and your own feet. Hope that way we can enjoy this beautiful landscape longer, and leave it to our future generations to enjoy as well.

A dopo!sunset



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