I write from this very small corner of the very big world. It is my hope and my belief that it is in our power to bring about change if we really try.

It is possible to bring about the big eco-change if everyone starts from his/her small corner of this world. I hope you will join us, so together we can achieve a better world for the future.

It is snowing as I write this, so our garden is white,  it sleeps now and waits for Spring and first seeds. Only great tits visit us today…and of course the mouse – Matylda. I sit next to our wood stove being happy that Christmas fever is far away.

Living simply in our white, small corner, we try to be the change without harming ourselves or the world outside our window.

be the change

No Chemicals, No Problem!

I am a big fan of EM = Effective Micro-organisms. It is 100% organic mix of  micro-organisms already existing in nature, and benefits of its use are numerable in daily life, in gardens, farms, in personal hygiene, treatment of health problems, in big disasters clean-ups. Just about anything you can think of EM will come to the rescue.

I like using EM at home. They work with everything. I was very happy having them when we moved in to the old wooden farm-house, and I sprayed EM all around during renovation time. For extras I added sometimes a few drops of an essential oil. We use EM for cleaning and I can not imagine to use anything different. EM does not leave a smell and its good for your skin as well, good for kids, pets, plants, fish in the aquarium (because it cleanses the water as well)… and absolutely eco-friendly so you do not have to worry what you leave behind or flush to the river, because it continues to work there as well!

I regularly add EM to the compost bin, it helps to turn kitchen waste into valuable organic material. We use EM in the compost toilet as well.

We made family decision and our outside toilet is only for “big things”.After use, we put soil, ash, leaves etc. and change our human waste into a compost to use under fruits trees and on flower beds. It makes recycling very colourful!

We are very happy sharing our small corner of changes with others. We are workaway hosts and our eco-friendly campsite opens next Spring.



  1. I am not sure what your “EM- Effective Micro-organisms” product is. Can you please clarify or can any other readers help shed some light?

    It sounds as though you have a dutiful mission in your heart and strong feelings about your eco-system which is great. Everybody does their part, to create their own is a truth based philosophy.

    You might want to research using your own human waste as compost, because it might be a health hazard. I could be wrong, and I do not claim to know all local laws or all chemical compounds and reactions, but you may want to research that further. Hopefully what you are doing is healthy, safe and helping you achieve your goal.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the like on my post. Good luck with everything. Best wishes to you.

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