Without a doubt we love good vegetarian food and we cook everyday fresh and healthy meals.

In Winter time we love hot soups cooked on our wood stove. I decided to share with you some excellent recipies for sour soups which I learnt from my mum and grandmum. They will make you happy and warm when it is misty and windy outside the window!

Maybe our walnut and raspberry liqueurs could make you even warmer!

But to know how we make them you have to come in July when the fruits are ready!!!


You will need:

quater of kilo of sour white cabbage /sauerkraut/, it could be already with carrots

1 onion

4 potatoes

salt, peper, chilli, bay leaves, veg bullion

Peel potatoes and cut them into big cubes. Put into the pan with water and start boiling, add salt, pepper, chilli, bullion, 2 bay leaves and wait untill potatoes are soft. In the meantime cut onion and soften it in oil in the frying pan, add to the soup. Cut sour cabbage into short pieces, it will be easier to eat.

Add the sour cabbage and cook untill cabbage is nice and soft, about 15 min.

My grandmam and mum said that potatoes dont boil in sour water so add the cabbage when the potatoes are soft.


You need:

1 carrot, 1 parsnip, half of celeriac, 2 potatoes

3 or 4 sour cucumbers

veg bullion, salt, pepper, bay leaves

spoon of cream

spoon of butter

2 cloves of garlic

Grate vegetables, cut potatoes in big cubes and start to boil with salt, pepper, bay leaves and bulion. In meantime peel the cucumbers and grate them. Put them into a  small pan and cook for a few moments with butter. When the potatoes are soft add the sour cucumbers to the soup and of course add garlic. Cook for another 15 min. At the end you can add spoon or two of cream.

The rule is the same as with sour cabbage soup: add the sour cucumbers when the potatoes are soft!

Next time I will post recipe for PIEROGI /polish dumplings with sour cabbage and wild mushrooms or with soft cheese and potatoes/, because it is a big job and I need my mums support. Maybe I will send as well dumplings with  plums recipe for all the people who want to beat my sisters record of eating them.



  1. …and the person, who’ll beat in Stabienszczyzna my (sisters) record in eating pierogi wins a free weekend in Bern or Zurich 🙂 – with even more polish pierogi and swiss cheese 🙂

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