The cranes left more than month ago so now we dont hear their cries echoing over the lake. Instead we have great tits waking us  every morning knocking on the window waiting for their breakfast.

On a grey, cold November day, sitting next to our wood stove, we made a list of birds which we have seen over last Spring and Summer around our house and on the lake. We live in small paradise for bird-watching lovers!

  • white stork
  • crane
  • great white egret
  • golden eye
  • red kite
  • nightingale
  • fielfare
  • common tern
  • marsh harrier
  • eagle
  • buzzard
  • golden oriole
  • starling
  • jay
  • green woodpecker
  • greater spotted woodpecker
  • lesser spotted woodpecker
  • redstart
  • black redstart
  • blackcap
  • yellow hammer
  • gold finch
  • green finch
  • chaffinch
  • goldcrest
  • coal tit
  • long-tailed tit
  • blue tit
  • great tit

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